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Welcome To Your Account this account you can find your subscription details, any downloads of Qwikburst videos and more. 

This is what you get every month in Dojo Muscle® Up.

These videos DO – NOT roll over – if you don’t use that month you lose it. NO exceptions. So use it. It’s like a gym membership if someone doesn’t come for a month – they don’t get the time back if you stayed open. 

These credits DO  roll over – if you don’t use that months they will continue to collect in your account. Use them however you’d like. There is a 30 credit download limit per month. If you unsubscribe your credit bank goes to zero. 

As a paying member of Dojo Muscle® Up you get 20% off all of our print materials at our parent website – discounts can be found here. You will need a 2nd account at that site. 

We have world class trainings and courses to help you film your own videos, selling online courses, deal with gear and tech, run Facebook ads, copy writing guidelines, lighting tutorials and so much more in our Kajabi Setup at


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