Martial Arts Video Marketing - Made Simple.

Done for you Martial Arts Video Marketing that creates instant attention, increases conversions, builds massive credibility and connects with tons of people. Video Marketing that primes the pump to enroll new students, helps owners become successful,  while keeping it simple and easy to use.
For Martial Artists BY Martial Artists. Join the Dojo Muscle Up™ movement.

Without video marketing for your business,
you will be invisible.

At the core of the Dojo Muscle™ Up program are 2 types of videos. Dojo Videos, and Qwikburst Videos. 

Dojo Videos are 

You get 1 Dojo Video – longer engaging videos for FB ads that actually work

If you aren’t really computer savvy and don’t have the time this can easily be procrastinated on. 

Each month your account is filled with credits for you to use to get videos of your choice. Every single month.

You get 5 Qwikburst videos – short impactful videos for social media



Dojo Videos™ -Videos That Get
You Engagement.

We’ve worked for over 2 years and worked with 300 schools world wide to offer you the best possible Martial Arts Marketing lead generating solution out. Point blank. Now, all you need to do is press ‘Play’. This is our Dojo Videos™ trailer. Dojo Videos are semi-customizable video with your school information on them. They generate leads and capture attention like nothing else. 

QwikBurst Videos™
Videos That Get
You Leads.

We’ve worked for over 2 years to offer you the best possible lead generating solution. Now, all you need to do is press ‘Play’. This is our QwikBurst Videos™ trailer. QwikBurst videos are created specifically to use as ads. We have studied the direction Social Media and Facebook is headed and short ads that are 5-15 seconds long work AMAZING as ads when you pay to run them. They generate leads and capture attention like nothing else.

90% of content online will be video by the year 2020. Without video you will be invisible.

Future Proof Your Martial Art School Online Marketing
With Dojo Muscle™ UP.

Dojo Muscle™ Up gives you something no other program gives you. Professionally produced, result driven, data tested video marketing, social media content, video assets and exclusive trainings. 

Instant Credibility

Video gives you instant credibility. Prospects make judgements about your business quickly. Those that see professional quality video think that you are someone they should listen to and buy from.

Massive Engagement

Video gives you engagement like nothing else out there. Prospects and customers get to know you and your business culture before ever stepping foot into your location.

Ridiculous Results

Video gets ridiculous results. Branding is often the first and last time a prospect will have contact with your business. It's important that it does it's job right. When done right you will see a huge spike
in results.

Social Media Attention

Nothing gets attention on social media like video. When you have high quality result driven videos like in Muscle Up™ your school will have a huge advantage over your competitors.

High Conversions

Result driving videos get the best conversions. We have tested this against ads of all types. Customers will see the highest conversion rates using videos and social media paid ads.

Biggest ROI

There is nothing else out there that will give you an ROI like video marketing and social media ads. Social media is primed for video and the cost is pennies on the dollar when you run those ads.

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