Take this 30 minute web training and understand the reason you are probably not connecting with your audience using video marketing.

Discover How Social Media VIDEOS Can Absolutely Dominate for your Martial Art Business.

The proven way to use Video Marketing Easily, Effectively and without a lot of Money Spent. It goes against what all of the "Guru's" are telling you and it works like no other.

Key Thing That Works

Discover the one concept that works above everything else in your arsenal and how to wield it's power like no one else

Major Reasons Videos Fail

Learn the key thing most school owners are completely messing up that's hurting their engagement online big time

key concepts that work

These 3 concepts will take your videos from boring to attention seeking holding and keeping mini movies without a lot of work

"The best quality and customer service in the industry"
Brannon Beliso - Owner of One Martial Arts
"Chris Perilli and Dojo Muscle Are the Best In the Business"
Duke Roufus - Owner of Roufusport

About Speaker

Christopher Perilli

CEO at Pixel Mobb, Creator of Dojo Muscle – Christopher has worked with the elite of fitness, combat sports and entertainment. From Tim Ferriss to Mike Boyle, Joe DeFranco, to Wu-Tang Clan Members. At Dojo Muscle he has helped over 1000 school owners grow and succeed. 

"Marketing isn't hard when you know what you are doing."

How to grow your business with online video marketing

Without crazy equipment, technological understanding, headaches or massive money spent!

Discover how to take your videos for your martial art school to the next level. 

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