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MIni - Money Making Movies.

Professional Videos, Video Ads, Social Media Content, Print, Training and Support for the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Navigating through all of the information and how to do it could drive a person crazy. The amount of time and money spent on figuring on what to do can be downright frustrating. That’s why this program exists to give you videos, print, social media content, materials to run as ads and to use on your sites.  Plus training on how to use it all so you aren’t spending tons of money and time spinning your wheels  and getting nowhere. Dojo Muscle® Up was created to help martial art school owners build the business they always wanted, with a lot less headache. We remove the stress by doing the heavy lifting of content creation so you don’t have to think. We have been creating videos and marketing for over a decade and our proven formula works.  Join the hundreds of school owners using Dojo Muscle® Up right now to get real results.


Pixel Mobb is a professional video production company. Highest quality professional filmed and produced videos.


Dojo Muscle™ Up videos are created to tell the story to the customer - and get them to act. Built from scratch to convert.


$97 a month is the cost of a cup of coffee a day. Pro-video would normally cost thousands. Support even more.


Tons of courses, training and learning materials and monthly coaching calls to get you results quick.


As a member of Dojo Muscle™ Up you get 20% off all Dojo Muscle print products . Eveary month.


We serve up the hottest new videos for you to use online to get more students. We build all videos with selling and telling a story in mind. Every time. 


Our latest set of trainings and process for you to grow your martial art school online. 

Customers love Dojo Muscle® Up.  Over 500 schools have used this program!

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Jim Thrift Testimonial

Manny Glavan - Better results than anything I've used so far.


Master Paul Garcia 100 leads, 16 appts, 100% conversion in the SUMMER! ​

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